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European Pillowcases

Add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom with BeddingCo’s European pillow cases in Australia to complement your standard , sheets and quilt cover sets. Elevate your bedroom style with the addition of European pillows with luxurious pillow cases for elegance and comfort.

If you are looking for a classic, relaxed feel, consider a white European pillowcase, or shop black European pillowcases for a chic option that will work well with most decor styles. Embrace creativity with your bedding and mix and match from a wide range of colours, including navy blue, dark grey and many more, or match your European pillow cases to your bed set.

At BeddingCo we have a stunning range of 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton and 100% A grade mulberry silk 20 momme European pillow cases to perfectly fit your Hungarian goose down European pillow or goose feather European pillow.

Whether you're looking for new colours for a new season or simply want to change up your decor, BeddingCo has the European pillow case set for you.


What size is a European pillow case?

BeddingCo’s range of generously sized and double-needle stitched European pillow cases are 65cm x 65cm. Our 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton European pillow cases and 100% A grade mulberry silk 20 momme European pillow cases have an extra 5cm sham, and both have a 15cm flap or fold to prevent the pillow from slipping out of its case.

What is the difference between standard and European pillow cases?

The main difference between standard and European pillow cases is their shape. A standard pillow case is rectangular, measuring 50cm x 75cm. A European pillow case, however, is square and slightly bigger at 65cm x 65cm, with an additional 5cm sham.

European pillows are most often used decoratively, supporting a standard pillow at the head of the bed. That being said, there are no rules when it comes to preference, and some people may prefer to use a European pillow in lieu of a smaller, standard pillow.