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Flannelette Quilt Cover Sets

Shop flannelette quilt covers, the ultimate in warmth and comfort

Renowned for their soft, textured feel, BeddingCo flannelette quilt covers are made from GOTS certified organic brushed cotton. An all-year favourite, this material is naturally insulating, retaining heat to keep you warm while still maintaining comfortable breathability. Made from premium, 160GSM fabric, BeddingCo’s organic cotton flannelette quilt cover sets are sure to keep you warm all winter long, and cool during the summer months.

Available in a full range of sizes, from single to super king, there’s a flannelette quilt cover set for everyone at BeddingCo. Browse our range of contemporary and classic colours, including white, navy blue, charcoal, emerald green and soft pink, and give your bedroom the stylish upgrade it deserves.

Our durable and comfortable sheets are sure to make a great addition to your bedding collection, helping you sleep peacefully and comfortably. Complete the look with matching organic flannelette sheet sets from our collection. Discover our range of all-natural flannelette quilt cover sets today.


Are flannelette quilt covers breathable?

There’s a common misconception that due to its insulating properties flannelette is stuffy, but in reality, this fabric is undoubtedly breathable. While flannelette doona cover sets tend to be thicker than their regular cotton counterparts, their fabric weave allows for ample air circulation. BeddingCo’s organic flannelette quilt covers are moisture-wicking, keeping you warm without causing uncomfortable sweating.

Do flannelette quilt covers provide much warmth?

Flannelette quilt covers are exceptionally warm thanks to their fabric composition and brushed texture. Flannelette has superior heat retention properties, trapping warmth under your duvet cover to keep you toasty throughout the night. This naturally insulating fabric is also ideal for the cooler months, regulating your body temperature as you sleep.

Why choose a flannelette quilt cover?

Decadently warm and snug flannelette needs no introduction, but you may be interested in a few of its best features...

  • Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with a 160GSM brushed finish
  • Perfect for cooler climates, yet still breathable enough for year-round use
  • Free from toxic pesticides and chemicals; hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Good for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin
  • Sustainably grown organic cotton that’s OEKO-TEX certified and eco friendly
  • 120-day free trial and a prolonged five-year warranty