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Green Quilt Covers

Bring an earthy touch to your bedroom with a beautiful emerald green quilt cover set from BeddingCo. Experience true relaxation amongst this natural shade which elicits a feeling of calmness and tranquility. Find BeddingCo green quilt cover sets in a full selection of sizes, including super king, king, queen, double, king single and single.

This gorgeous dark green quilt cover shade is also available in a variety of fabrics sure to soothe the senses. Browse our collection of green Egyptian cotton, French linen, organic bamboo or organic cotton flannelette quilt covers today.


What types of fabric are green quilt covers available in?

Find your perfect bedding fabric and drift off into a night of relaxation with our sumptuous green quilt cover collections. Discover green quilt covers in the following materials at BeddingCo:

We also offer matching emerald green sheet sets in the above fabrics.

What size quilt cover do I need?

Choose a quilt cover size that complements the size of your quilt. Green quilt covers in Australia come in the following standard sizes:

  • Super king — 270cm x 240cm
  • King — 245cm x 210cm
  • Queen — 210cm x 210cm
  • Double — 180cm x 210cm
  • King single — 160cm x 210cm
  • Single — 150cm x 210cm

What is included in a green quilt cover set?

Your chosen size will determine what’s included in your green quilt cover set. Depending on the size you’ve selected, variations may come in the form of the size of the quilt cover or the number of pillowcases.

Green quilt cover sets for adult beds will include:

  • 1 super king / king / queen / double quilt cover
  • 2 standard pillowcases

The following is included in a children's green quilt cover set:

  • 1 single / king single quilt cover
  • 1 standard pillowcase

Why choose BeddingCo’s range of green quilt covers?

Offering green quilt covers in an indulgent selection of fabrics, BeddingCo is a superior choice for your bedding needs. Available in a gorgeous emerald hue, our green quilt cover sets are pleasing to the eye, soft to the touch, long-lasting and made from 100% natural materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable.