Buying towels for your home and dreading the process? Towel shopping is indeed a tough endeavour considering you have to keep personal preferences in mind for everyone in your home. Visit any linen retailer’s towel section and you will see confused customers staring blankly at the huge selection of bath towels, in every colour, size, and material. It’s definitely difficult to choose when faced with such variety and advertising claims so what should be done?

The Mission – Buy Soft and Absorbent Bath Towels

High quality bath towels provide more benefits than simple cleaning and drying. Bath towels can possibly improve the look and beauty of your bathroom. Proper consideration should be placed towards buying bath towels for your home. This means picking good quality over price everything your hand lands on a bath towel. Take a look at the following guide on buying long-lasting bath towels.


A good factor to determine long-lasting quality of your selected bath towel is its fabric weight, which is measured with a GSM or grams per square meter. This number refers to fabric’s density used in the manufacture of a particular bath towel.

Lower GSM Number i.e. 600 GSM or less signifies lighter and thinner fabric, which makes this bath towel ideal for gym use or trips to the beach. These towels dry quickly between uses and after laundering.

Higher GSM Number i.e. 650 GSM and more signifies a heavier and thicker fabric. This towel has the ability to absorb more water, is plush and luxurious. Additionally, it also takes longer to dry between uses and in the dryer. Higher GSM towels can be used in master or guest bathroom.

Towel Construction

Actual construction of the bath towel also matters a lot in addition to fibre type and manufacturing process. In fact it’s important to consider this factor when selecting bath towels if you want a product that feels and looks good. Different manufacturing processes bring different characteristics to the forefront, which makes it somewhat difficult to pick the right quality product.

Effective considerations in bath towel selection such as softness, durability and absorbency are also components that are affected by these processes however not the only. Look for towels made with double-turned edges with double stitching. This will reduce fraying thus giving your towels a longer life. 

Towel Care Tips for Increased Durability

How long your towels and other linen last depend on the way you wash these items. Look at the following tips:

  • Wash coloured towels with similar coloured items in warm water to set towel colours. This can be done for the first several washings, using half of recommended detergent amount and ½ to 1 cup white vinegar in the water.
  • Wash towels every three to four days, only using colour-safe bleach if needed and warm water (for coloured towels). Use non-chlorine bleach and hot water when washing white towels.
  • Discolouration can be avoided by washing white towels separately or with other white items.
  • Bath towels should be washed separately from clothing, for sanitary reasons.

Taking good care of your towels is easy but you should invest in high-quality linens and designer bath towels whenever possible. With Bedding Co’s end of summer sale, buying high-quality bed linen sets at an affordable price is possible! Just visit the online store and shop away.