Looking to buy a new sheet set or doona? Not quite sure of the meaning of thread count, TOG rating or GSM? We have created easy to navigate, informative buying guides for the range of products that we have at BeddingCo. We are constantly growing our guide library and we would love to hear any ideas that you have of content that you would like to see in the guide library.

Make your bedroom the finest and most comfortable spot in your home! Select from our premium Egyptian Cotton sheets and sheet sets, Egyptian Cotton quilt covers, premium pillows, and Australian made mattresses. We also stock leading brands here at BeddingCo. Browse our beautiful range and enjoy the luxury that you deserve.

Quilt Warmth Guide

Feeling lost in the variety of doonas available and want some advise? We have compiled the following information to help you make the right choice for your personal needs...

Topper and Underlay Guide

A good mattress topper enhances the quality of your sleep and can add to you waking feeling revitalised and refreshed. Customers who purchased an extra firm mattresses often...

Pillow Guide

The best way to secure yourself a great nights sleep is with a supportive pillow that is of great quality. There have been many studies into the benefits of a good nights sleep on the...

Mattress Guide

BeddingCo Mattresses are both supportive and nurturing. They provide well-balanced support, which keeps your joints and body properly aligned whilst you sleep...

About Bamboo Sheets?

Discover the incredible benefits of bamboo sheets from BeddingCo, including breathability, anti-microbial properties, and eco-friendliness. Sleep comfortably and cool during hot summers with their 100% natural and organic bamboo sheets. Upgrade your bedding with BeddingCo's bamboo sheets and experience the freshness and comfort they provide for a restful night's sleep.

Winter Bedroom Guide

Get your bedroom ready for winter with these cosy bedroom ideas and tips to create a warm and inviting space. From adding a plush rug and insulating your windows to layering lighting and choosing the right bedding, this comprehensive guide will help you transform your bedroom into a comfortable sanctuary for the cold season.

Thread Guide

At BeddingCo we ask you please take into consideration more than just thread count when choosing your bedding. We have compiled this information to help you make informed decisions about your bedding to gain the maximum benefit and achieve a better night’s sleep...

Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Discover your dream bed with BeddingCo's comprehensive bed sheet buying guide. Learn about different types of sheets, sizing, and materials to make an informed decision. From luxurious Egyptian cotton to eco-friendly bamboo, BeddingCo offers a wide range of high-quality sheets.


Wondering how to get the most out of your bedding? Bedding co spills the secret to keeping your bedding soft and fresh. Learn how to wash, dry, maintain and store your bedroom essentials for maximum comfort, night after night.