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Velvet Luxe Storage Ottoman | Charcoal-Beddingco AU
Velvet Luxe Storage Ottoman | French Blue-Beddingco AU
Velvet Luxe Storage Ottoman | Navy Blue-Beddingco AU
Paddington Storage Ottoman | Charcoal-Beddingco AU
Paddington Storage Ottoman | Charcoal Paddington Storage Ottoman | Charcoal
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Paddington Storage Ottoman | Light Grey-Beddingco AU
Paddington Storage Ottoman | Light Grey Paddington Storage Ottoman | Light Grey
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BeddingCo offers a collection of luxurious storage ottomans that are essential for any bedroom. These ottoman benches are not only comfortable to sit on but also provide ample storage space for extra linen. The highlight of the collection is the velvet storage ottoman, which adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom. BeddingCo is the ultimate destination to shop for the plushest ottomans in Australia, with the convenience of online shopping. Explore their wide range of stylish and functional storage ottomans to add comfort, style, and practicality to your bedroom.


Function meets style with our range of storage ottomans

A luxury storage ottoman in your bedroom, living room or kid’s room can be the perfect addition to your home’s style and functionality. A storage ottoman is a stylish way to add extra storage space for blankets, children’s toys or bed linen. In addition to functionality, an upholstered ottoman can add a touch of softness to modern interiors. Especially beautiful at the foot of a bed, they can store extra duvets or other bedding while also serving as comfortable seating.

But the benefits don’t stop there—an ottoman can also be used to improvise an extra seat for when guests stop by. In your living room, a rectangular storage ottoman can serve as a coffee table, providing a surface for remotes or personal items.

Looking to buy an ottoman online in Australia? At BeddingCo, we have storage ottomans in a range of colours and styles. Whether you’re looking for a chic velvet ottoman or something more classic, we have an ottoman to suit every taste. Complete the set with matching furniture, such as a bed head and bed base today.

How do I choose a storage ottoman?

Choosing the perfect storage ottoman doesn’t have to be hard work. Take into account these factors to prepare you for your decision.

Function: What function will your ottoman serve? Will it be used primarily as a blanket box, as a bed end, or as extra seating for when guests arrive? Consider how many ottomans you may need to suit your needs.

Style: From colour to shape, style is a highly personal consideration when it comes to choosing a storage ottoman. Try to choose a colour that complements the rest of your home decor.

Material: Ottomans are traditionally upholstered, but the fabric used may vary. Choose between velvet and a more textured fabric from our collection.

What are the types of storage ottoman available?

BeddingCo offers storage ottomans in a couple of different styles to suit most homes. Our Paddington Storage Ottoman is a multi-purpose home accessory, upholstered in a premium quality textured fabric and deep enough for your storage needs. The Velvet Luxe Storage Ottoman is a stylish designer piece combining functionality and luxury. Both pieces are made from durable hardwood and are backed with a 10-year warranty.

What is an ottoman?

An ottoman is a piece of furniture that resembles a bench or a couch, except it has no armrest or backrest. Ottomans are often upholstered. Some ottomans have hinged lids to allow the base to be used for storage. They can be used as footstools, tables and chairs, or can be placed at the foot of the bed to complete the look.

How to decorate an ottoman?

Because ottomans are generally upholstered, decor items are usually placed on an ornate tray on top of the ottoman. Decor items can include a candle, books, a small pot plant or a vase. You could also decorate your ottoman with a faux fur throw or textured blanket. Bear in mind that whatever you use to decorate your ottoman will have to be moved whenever you need to access the storage space.

What to put in a storage ottoman?

The short answer is: whatever fits. However, when storing heavier items, like books, bear in mind that your ottoman may have a weight limit. You can use your ottoman for storing spare linen, shoes, luggage, magazines, toys, yoga mats or clothes you don’t need right now – like jackets in summer time.