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If you're browsing for wool, silk, alpaca, or goose down doonas online, look no further than Bedding co. With exceptionally high quality materials, expert craftsmanship and a 120-day trial with free returns, there's no reason not to order your quilt from us today. If you have any questions about ordering mulberry silk, goose feather & down, Australian wool, organic alpaca, or goose down quilts in Australia, what type of quilt to buy or anything else, please consult our FAQs below or call us on 1800 508 922.


What are the most breathable quilts?

When it comes to quilts, natural materials are king. Goose feather and down, mulberry silk, cotton and wool quilts are the most breathable, as they wick moisture away from the skin. BeddingCo quilts are also covered with 100% cotton for extra breathability.

What quilt type is best for summer?

If you're looking for a summer quilt, we recommend browsing our summer warmth and all seasons range. Our organic mulberry silk summer warmth quilt is highly breathable, which is essential to staying cool during the summertime. Aside from our mulberry silk quilt range, our all-seasons cotton, goose feather and goose down quilts are a good choice for year round use. We also sell a wide range of sheets sets and quilt covers that are ideal for the hotter months. For further information on choosing the right quilt, please refer to our quilt warmth buying guide.

What quilt type is best for winter?

The best quilts and doonas for winter offer insulation and warmth while still being breathable. Our top winter doonas and quilts include our German made Hungarian goose down quilt in winter warmth, German made Canadian goose down quilt in winter warmth and our Australian wool quilt.

Looking to complete your entire bedroom? Pair your new winter warmth quilt with a cosy pillow case or quilt cover. For more information, refer to our quilt warmth buying guide.

What is an all-seasons quilt?

An all-seasons quilt is lightweight and breathable in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter. We currently carry multiple all-season quilts to keep you comfortable all year long, including our German made Canadian goose down quilt, German made Hungarian goose down quilt, goose feather quilt and organic mulberry silk quilt. Find your perfect quilt with our quilt warmth buying guide.

Why choose a wool quilt?

Wool quilts are a fantastic choice for cold sleepers and those living in colder climates. They’re best suited for temperatures of 0°C to +15°C. While they’re certainly warm, they also wick away moisture from your body, keeping you warm and comfortable all night long. Wool quilts are also completely natural and hypoallergenic.

What size quilt should I buy?

When purchasing a quilt in Australia, you should choose a quilt that complements the size of your bed. If you’d like a more aesthetic look with the quilt hanging over, you may consider sizing up from your bed size. Unsure of your bed size? Measure the length and width of your bed and check it against the dimensions listed on our site. Our sizes meet Australia and NZ standards and they can be found under the Dimensions & Care tab in our product listings.

What is the best type of quilt to buy?

The best type of quilt is one that suits your personal preferences around climate and allergies. Regarding climate, the cooler your nights, the warmer you’ll want to be under your doona. Our Canadian goose down quilt will give you the utmost winter warmth, with a temperature range of -10°C to +15°C. On the other end of the scale, our organic mulberry silk quilt is perfect for the warmer summer nights, with a temperature range of 15°C to +25°C. We have a doona for every season.

Regarding allergies, the down and feathers in our quilts are totally natural and have had all impurities removed, so even those who suffer from allergies shouldn’t experience any issues with our doonas. Our organic mulberry silk quilts are naturally hypoallergenic and are recommended for those who have allergies, as they are resistant to dust and mites.

For more information about what type of quilt might be right for you, please refer to the Quilt Warmth Guide.

What does GSM mean in quilts?

GSM stands for ‘grams per square metre’ and refers to the weight of the quilt filling. The higher the GSM, the warmer the doona:

240GSM is best for the summer climate

350GSM is best for both autumn and spring climates

500+ GSM is best for winter

GSM applies to feather, wool and organic mulberry silk quilts only. Down quilts are best measured in 'fill power' rather than GSM.

How to wash a quilt?

Before bundling your quilt or doona in the washing machine, refer to the washing instructions. Some quilts can only be dry-cleaned, while others must be washed by gentle machine-wash. Shake your quilt regularly to remove dust and ensure the filling remains evenly distributed, and air your quilt in a sunny patch from time to time.