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At Beddingco, customers can explore an abundant selection of fitted sheets that are both luxurious and comfortable. The collection offers a wide range of sizes and colors to cater to individual preferences and personal style. Whether customers prefer a classic or vibrant look for their bedding, Beddingco has them covered. With this range of options, customers can find the perfect fitted sheet that not only fits their bed perfectly but also enhances the overall aesthetic of their bedroom. Beddingco ensures that customers can experience both exceptional comfort and impeccable style with their fitted sheet collection.


What is a fitted sheet?

A fitted sheet is a bottom sheet with elastic around the edges to allow it to stay in place on your mattress. They’re designed to cover and protect the mattress and provide a washable and comfortable surface for sleeping on.

What fitted sheet sizes are available?

Sizing may be slightly different in countries other than Australia, so it’s best to double-check sizing under the Dimensions & Care menu. In general, we stock fitted sheets in these sizes:

  • Single
  • King single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Super King
How many fitted sheets should you have?

At the bare minimum, two. Due to perspiration and dust, fitted sheets require changing at least once a week, so it’s handy to have a few fitted sheets spare to ensure you’re never sleeping directly on your mattress.