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Velvet Luxe Bed Base | Charcoal Velvet Luxe Bed Base | Charcoal
From $367.20 $459.00 Sale
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
Velvet Luxe Bed Base | Navy Blue Velvet Luxe Bed Base | Navy Blue
From $367.20 $459.00 Sale
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews

Beddingco offers a luxurious collection of bed bases that are simple yet sophisticated. These bed bases are constructed using premium solid timber and are finished with luxurious velvet fabric. The collection currently includes queen and king sizes, with more size options coming soon. The bed bases are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any bedroom decor. Shop the premium collection of bed bases at Beddingco and find the perfect addition to your bedroom.


Get a better night’s sleep with quality bed bases from BeddingCo

Discover a world of luxury and experience one of the most stylish, premium bed bases in Australia available at BeddingCo. Enjoy years of bedroom bliss with beds that are built to last. We make sure that our beds are comfortable, durable, and effortlessly luxurious.

Our bed bases are constructed with sturdy hardwood and draped in premium soft velvet fabric. We stock a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether it's a queen bed base, a king bed base, or a super king bed base. Find the perfect fit for your bedroom decor among our selection of velvet bed bases.

Our superior mattresses or the matching bed head and ottoman range make the perfect complement to your bed base. Shop online today.

How do I choose the right bed base for me?

Choosing the perfect bed base will come down to personal preference, but here are some questions to guide you:

What is your budget?

What color schemes are you using in your bedroom?

Are you after something long-lasting and high quality?

Is the fabric soft and comfortable?

How easy will it be to clean?

What incentives are offered by the brand? (e.g. rewards programs or sustainability initiatives)

What are the different types of bed bases available?

Our elegant Velvet Luxe Bed Base comes in two colors: navy blue and charcoal. It features premium soft velvet fabric, a durable hardwood frame, and sturdy slats.

What is the difference between bed bases and bed frames?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, bed bases and bed frames are actually different furniture pieces. Bed bases sit under the mattress, typically sitting flush with the mattress. On the other hand, bed frames have a rim that’s slightly bigger than your mattress.

Do I need to match my bed base to my bed head?

Our headboards can be freestanding, mounted to the wall, or mounted to an existing bed base. Our sizes meet Australian standards, so, for example, our queen base will match any queen bed head. While a bed base and a bed head don’t technically need to match, they look best when they do. Browse our range of matching bed heads today.

Do I need a bed base?

Yes, you need a bed base. A bed base lays the best foundation for your mattress, ensuring the support you need while you’re sleeping. It also raises your mattress off the floor, making it easier to keep your mattress and bedding clean.

Does a bed base affect the mattress?

Yes, a good quality bed base ensures the mattress performs as it was designed. A poor quality bed base not only limits your mattress’ performance, it can also damage your mattress in the long run.

A good bed base should be constructed using premium, solid timber. It should have large slats, and the space between the slats should be minimal.

What bed base is best?

You should choose your bed base according to your personal preferences in design and functionality. Bed bases should have a durable hardwood frame and evenly distributed support. There are three main types of bed bases:

Divan bed bases are solid, box-type bases that provide an even surface for your mattress. They are sturdy, and some have drawers built-in. They stand a few centimeters above the floor.

Framed and slatted bed bases are usually constructed out of wood and have sprung or solid slats running across the width of the bed. They sit higher off the floor.

Ottoman bed bases look like divan bed bases except they have hinged lids that raise up completely, turning the entire inside of the base into a storage area.