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The ancient Egyptians used wooden headrests to sleep. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Our huge range of pillows includes down, feather, organic latex and memory foam pillows, and a selection of 100% organic pillows. Explore our luxurious collection to find your perfect night’s sleep.

Q1: What are the best types of pillows?

Hypo-allergenic pillows are generally the best. Ideally, choosing pillows that are made using the highest quality materials will be to your advantage, while selecting pillows that are 100% organic and carbon neutral will benefit the environment too.

Q2: How to choose a pillow?

Look for a pillow that offers a balance of support and comfort, providing the optimum support for your head, neck and shoulders so your spine is in a straight line. For more information about what type of pillow might be right to you, please refer to the Pillow Buying Guide.

Q3: How to wash pillows?

Always refer to the care instructions of each pillow. You can machine-wash your pillow, tumble-dry it or air it in a sunny place. Spot clean the pillow cover with a mild soapy water solution and leave it in a warm, sunny place to dry completely.