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Shop bamboo quilt covers, the sustainable choice for bed linen

BeddingCo 100% organic bamboo quilt cover sets are luxuriously soft and breathable. Bamboo is naturally thermo-regulating, keeping you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. With naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, they’re perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

We take great pride in the quality and design of our organic bamboo quilt covers in Australia at BeddingCo. Our beautiful organic bamboo quilt cover sets will add a stylish touch to your bedroom using contemporary and classic colours. With single, king single, double, queen, king and super king bamboo quilt cover options, we’ve got you covered.

Choose from a wide variety of organic bamboo bed linen that includes premium organic bamboo sheet sets and pillowcases to complete your bedroom decor.


Why choose bamboo quilt covers?

The stand out features of BeddingCo’s organic bamboo quilt cover sets are:

  • 100% organic bamboo fibre at a lightweight yet durable 350 thread count
  • Particularly breathable and moisture-wicking, ideal for all seasons
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Great for allergy sufferers of those with sensitive skin
  • Environmentally friendly, certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
  • Generous five-year warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship

Are bamboo quilt covers breathable?

Yes, bamboo quilt cover sets are remarkably breathable, with excellent moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo material allows moisture to evaporate into the air quickly, leaving you cool and dry in the warmer months and comfortably warm in the winter.

Are bamboo quilt covers hypoallergenic?

The organic bamboo fibres used to make our bamboo quilt covers are hypoallergenic and free from pesticides and fungicides, which can aggravate allergies. Thanks to their hypoallergenic nature, bamboo fibres are also odour resistant and limit the build-up of bacteria and other microbes.