The right towels can instantly add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. But landing on perfect can be difficult when faced with countless options and homewares jargon. While colour is an obvious first thought — and undoubtedly important — there are many more features to take into consideration when shopping for bath towels. Whether you're looking for a premium face washer, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets or bath mat for your ensuite or guest bedroom, use our buying guide to streamline your search for the best towels in Australia.

1. Choose high-quality bath towel material

Perhaps the most important decision when it comes to buying bath towels is material. The best towels in Australia should maintain a plush feel and absorbency with regular use and washing. It’s no secret that in the world of bath towels, one fibre reigns supreme — cotton. Known for its natural softness and absorbency, cotton, in its many forms, is widely used to make bath towels.

Considered the king of cotton, Egyptian cotton is a truly luxurious choice for towels. Thanks to its long-staple fibres, this fabric boasts standout absorbency, incredible softness and supreme durability.

BeddingCo’s 100% pure Egyptian cotton towel range is sure to impress. Our towels are made from the finest Cotton Egypt Association-certified Egyptian cotton fibres, which are expertly woven to produce a towel with a long pile and spa-like density. Our 700GSM Egyptian Cotton Luxury Towel Collection is in a class of its own.

2.Consider your bathroom colour scheme

In the world of interior design, it’s the subtle details that make the biggest statement. When bathtubs and tiles can’t be changed, nothing adds a pop of style quite like towels.

First, take note of the colours that dominate the room. This is to help you choose towels that complement what you’re working with. If your bathroom is white, you’ll have more wiggle room than if it were a vibrant colour. Any shade will work well in an all-white bathroom, but a splash of colour may be a good idea to bring some personality to the space.

If you’d like your bathroom to flow well, keep your towels within one colour family. Feel free to experiment with different shades under this umbrella. Try colour-matching your towel set for a more well-rounded look.

BeddingCo’s Egyptian cotton towels come in a wide range of colours, including white, navy blue, charcoal, taupe, grey mist, sky blue, lilac mist, ivory, minty, burnt ochre and chocolate. Remember — your design choices should come down to personal preference, so have fun!

3. Pick the right size bath towels

Picking the right size is crucial when buying towels online — you don't want to end up with hand towels in place of bath towels. Pay close attention to the dimensions listed on the website to make sure you’re getting a towel sufficient for your needs.

Another consideration is how sizing differs between brands. Some companies may offer towels at a lower price at the cost of a few centimetres off each side. BeddingCo generously sizes its towels for ultimate comfort.

BeddingCo 700GSM Egyptian cotton luxury towel size guide:

  • Face washer — 33cm x 33cm
  • Hand towel — 40cm x 65cm
  • Bath towel — 70cm x 140cm
  • Bath sheet — 90cm x 165cm
  • Bath mat — 60cm x 80cm

4. Make sustainable choices

You’ve heard of fast fashion, but have you heard of fast homewares? It’s the same concept — low-priced, poor-quality items produced quickly to keep up with trends. From wasteful manufacturing processes to landfill impact, fast homewares are a real problem for the environment.

BeddingCo puts sustainability at the forefront by using only eco-friendly materials and donating a percentage of profits to fight deforestation. From production to delivery, we also work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our towels are made from the highest quality Egyptian cotton, grown with sustainability in mind. Our 100% Egyptian cotton towels are made to last; this fabric is ultra-durable thanks to its long-staple fibres. When you choose Egyptian cotton, you minimise waste and avoid the need to repurchase towels every few years.

5. Check the bath towel weight

Choosing a towel based on fabric alone can be misleading. There’s a big difference in quality between a thin cotton-blend option and a plush 100% Egyptian cotton towel. One of the main indicators of a towel's quality and durability is weight.

Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is the unit of measurement for towel weight. The heavier the towel, the higher the quality and the more absorbent it will be. In terms of weight, 300 to 400 GSM is considered light, 400 to 600 GSM is average and 600 to 800 GSM is heavier and thick.

BeddingCo's 700GSM Egyptian cotton luxury towels are considered premium weight within the highest GSM tier. We offer hotel-quality, thick and absorbent towels with generous density.

6. Look for allergy-friendly bath towels

Hypoallergenic products aren’t just for allergy sufferers — they’re a good choice for children or those with sensitive skin. Needless to say, it’s smart to choose towels that won’t cause an adverse health reaction.

Towels that don’t dry properly can be a breeding ground for irritating mould and mildew. Egyptian cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and mould-resistant. Our 100% Egyptian cotton luxury towels are free from chemicals and odours, making them gentle on sensitive skin and safe for children.

How to shop for towels online

Can you be sure of a towel’s quality without feeling it? The simple answer is yes. In fact, shopping online may give you an edge — you can see a towel’s specifications and research a brand’s values and reputation. A towel that seems soft in-store may become rough after the first wash due to conditioning treatments.

Whether you’re looking for a face washer, bath towel or a 900GSM bath mat, we’ve got you covered at BeddingCo. Stylish and functional, our towels never compromise on quality. Bring the five-star hotel feeling home with bath towels that make you feel like royalty from BeddingCo.