Transforming your bedroom into an elegant space isn’t as tricky as it may seem. While chandeliers and walk-in wardrobes are undoubtedly decadent, luxury can be achieved in the little details without breaking the bank. Rather than spending a fortune on home improvements and designer home goods, elevate your bedroom aesthetic with these budget-friendly luxury bedroom design tips.

But first — what exactly makes a bedroom luxurious?

What is luxury bedroom design?

Ornate finishings, tasteful colours and lush bed linen — these are the hallmarks of luxury bedroom design. There isn’t one design feature that makes a space luxurious, but rather a collection of elements that work together to create a bedroom that is elegant and timeless. While luxury is not made by furniture, colour or bed style, it can be enhanced by it. A luxury Hamptons-style bedroom doesn’t need layered sheets and accent cushions to embody luxury, but it’s within these small details that opulence is born.

8 ways to affordably style a luxury bedroom

Your bedroom is where you relax and recharge, so it’s essential it’s a space you feel comfortable in. Make your space more luxurious with these helpful tips.

1. Invest in new bed linen

When creating a feeling of luxury in your bedroom, your bedding is just as important as your furniture. If your bed linen is looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to replace it with something more elevated. It’s all about creating that luxury hotel experience — crisp sheets and pressed quilt covers. While hotel linen is usually white, don’t limit yourself to classic colours — neutrals like greys, blacks or soft beiges, and some green, pink and blue tones are also classy.

In terms of fabric, there’s no looking past the king of luxury bed linen — Egyptian cotton. For a bed that would make the Four Seasons proud, try our 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet sets and quilt cover sets, which come in a full range of sizes and stylish colours.

2. Display art

Nothing says luxury quite like eye-catching art in a bedroom — and it doesn’t have to come at a high price point. Art can be as simple as an elegant frame and thoughtfully selected print, so don’t shy away from showing off your artistic flair in the bedroom.

Art doesn’t have to be limited to the wall — sculptures, photographs and adorned vases can also bring your bedroom to life. Lovers of DIY may also like to experiment with a tasteful feature wall to tie the space together.

3. Experiment with pillows and throws

Add warmth and indulgence to your bedroom with affordable pillows and throws. To add visual interest and texture, layer pillows and cushions in complementary colours, sizes and pillowcase fabrics. But don’t go overboard — with too many pillows, you run the risk of them ending up on the floor. Two standard pillows, two European pillows and one to three decorative throw pillows of various sizes and textures are enough to create a luxurious layered effect.

It’s the same idea with throws — keep it simple with one or two pieces at most in a natural fabric such as cashmere or cotton.

4. Upgrade your bed head

Investing in a new bed head is a budget-friendly way to freshen up your bedroom and add a plush touch. Synonymous with luxury and comfort, upholstered bed heads are popular for a reason.

A soft upholstered bed head from BeddingCo — featuring a timeless diamond button pattern design — is sure to look luxurious in any bedroom. Indulge in true extravagance with our Velvet Luxe Bed Head, or keep it simple and classy with our Paddington Upholstered Bed Head.

5. Rethink your lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool for adding luxury and enhancing your decorating style. Not only does lighting have the power to change the mood of a room, but lamps, sconces and pendant lights can stand alone as lush statement pieces. Sometimes all you need to give your bedroom a luxe look for less is a replacement lamp or pendant shade. Keep in mind functionality such as grooming or dressing when positioning lights in the bedroom, while still working to create a restful atmosphere.

6. Add a luxury ottoman

Fabric ottomans are timeless, classy and functional. They provide you with extra storage space without compromising on style. If you’re looking for an easy way

to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom without investing thousands into luxury bedroom furniture, an ottoman may be exactly what you’re looking for.

BeddingCo’s range of ottomans pair perfectly with our bed heads, allowing you to curate the bedroom of your dreams. Choose from a designer Velvet Luxe Storage Ottoman or chic Paddington Upholstered Storage Ottoman.

7. Style your clutter

While a perfectly tidy home is the best-case scenario, the reality is that we’re all guilty of a bit of bedroom clutter. Since there’s no avoiding it, why not find a way to make it work for you? Clutter doesn’t always contradict luxury. When each item has a home and is placed deliberately, books, magazines and even paperwork can add a luxe feel to your bedroom.

Focus on styling key areas like the top of a chest of drawers or tallboy, a bookcase and even bedside tables, and hide bad clutter such as non-essential tech and stationery in storage spaces.

8. Incorporate greenery

Making your bedroom feel luxurious is easy and affordable with plants. There’s nothing quite like a well-placed flower vase or house plant to take a bedroom to the next level. Carefully consider the pot in which it sits, making sure that it complements the rest of your bedroom decor.

Remember that plants can be fickle, so make sure you’ve chosen something that works with your climate and degree of natural light — there’s nothing luxurious about a wilting plant!

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