Sure, being warm and snug at night feels good. But it’s also important for your health.

"The stereotypical effects of ... cold exposure are increased wakefulness and decreased rapid eye movement sleep and slow wave sleep," according to an article by sleep researcher Kazue Okamoto-Mizuno in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology .

In other words, when you’re cold, you don’t sleep properly. And as we know from science, poor-quality sleep can seriously affect your physical and mental health.

So as winter approaches, it’s important you get bedding that will keep you warm and ensure you sleep better.

Like the German Made Canadian Goose Down Quilt | Winter Warmth Doona , which is arguably the best winter quilt on the market.

Or the German Made Hungarian Goose Down Quilt, which is soft, light and luxurious. Or the Australian Wool Quilt, which is made from 100% natural Australian wool.

What the number one choice in warmth and luxury?

The German Made Canadian Goose Down Quilt | Winter Warmth Doona is heavenly.

It looks good, it feels good … and it’s made from a material (goose down) that’s considered the warmest and best natural insulator available.

This wonderful doona is designed to give you a deeper and more comfortable sleep.

It's suitable for temperatures between -10 degrees and +15 degrees celsius, and is made from ethically sourced goose down. That’s why we think it’s the best winter doona around.

Want a doona that naturally traps and retains heat?

If you want to replace your old, dirty pillows with fresh, new pillows, here are three great options:

The World's First Carbon Neutral 100% Certified Organic Latex Pillow – Classic is a hypo-allergenic pillow that’s designed to relieve pressure points and improve circulation.

The Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Pillow – Standard Size is a hotel-style pillow that’s designed for people who need extra support for their head and neck.

The Goose Feather Pillow – European Size is a feather pillow that provides luxury at an affordable price. It also offers impressive head and neck support.

Want a quality winter quilt that won’t break the bank?

The Australian Wool Quilt | Winter Warmth Doona is a fantastic option for someone who has a limited budget but still wants a quality winter quilt.

Made from 100% natural Australian wool, this winter quilt will keep you warm over the coming winter … and winters for years to come.

It’s designed for temperatures between 0 degrees and +15 degrees celsius, so it’s suitable for most parts of Australia.

This quilt is designed for people who suffer from allergies – it's hypo-hypoallergenic, which makes it resistant to bacteria, mould, dust mites and other allergens.