So … how often should you wash your pillows?

You probably wash your pillow cases regularly … but what about your actual pillows?

Sleep and allergy experts recommend washing your pillows at least every six months – or as often as every three months if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

But why? Don’t pillow cases keep your pillows clean?

How to wash and clean your pillows

Most pillows can be put in the washing machine (although check the label to make sure).

For pillows that are machine-friendly, Carolyn Forte from the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab says you should follow this process:

First, select the gentle cycle and use warm water. Then, do an extra cold-water rinse and spin cycle. Add a small amount of detergent. Finally, tumble the pillows dry on low heat, fluffing and turning them often.

For pillows that aren’t machine-friendly, Forte suggests this process:

To eliminate dust and dirt, either vacuum both sides of the pillows or put them in the dryer for 20 minutes (on the no-heat or air-only cycle). To spot-clean soiled areas, use a cloth dipped in a mild, sudsy soap solution; for a general clean, use a damp cloth. Finally, let the pillows air-dry completely.

Three of our most popular pillows

If you want to replace your old, dirty pillows with fresh, new pillows, here are three great options:

The World's First Carbon Neutral 100% Certified Organic Latex Pillow – Classic is a hypo-allergenic pillow that’s designed to relieve pressure points and improve circulation.

The Hungarian Goose Down & Feather Pillow – Standard Size is a hotel-style pillow that’s designed for people who need extra support for their head and neck.

The Goose Feather Pillow – European Size is a feather pillow that provides luxury at an affordable price. It also offers impressive head and neck support.

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