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While functionality and longevity of your bath towels is crucial, you can still have that and more. Designer bath towels can be a solid investment, adding to the interior décor of your bathroom at home. You can buy these bath towels online from BeddingCo – we stock a 100% Egyptian cotton towels for those who like their towels to make them feel luxurious.


Q1: What is GSM in towels?

In towels, GSM means grams per square metre. The heavier a towel is compared to other towels of the same size, the higher the quality of the towel. A higher GSM count means the towel is more dense and, therefore, more absorbent.

Did you know?

Towels are made with very long threads. Don’t pull loose threads; rather, snip them.

Q2: How to wash towels?

Towels can be machine-washed. Avoid dry cleaning. We recommend a gentle 40°C wash followed by a line-dry or warm tumble-dry.

Use mild detergents. Detergents containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) will keep whites looking bright. To keep colours looking vibrant, we recommend oxygen bleach, also known as colour-safe bleach. Avoid fabric softener as this reduces a towel’s absorbency.

Be sure to follow the towel’s care instructions as different types of fabric may have different care requirements.

Q3: How to keep towels soft?

Keeping towels soft and absorbent does not require fabric softener. In fact, using fabric softener will actually reduce the absorbency of your towels. Rather, add a quarter cup of white vinegar to the final rinse water. Before you put towels in the dryer or line-dry them, give them a good shake to increase their fluffiness.