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Flat Sheets

Decadent, premium flat sheets elevate your bedroom to the sanctuary you deserve. Flat sheets are essential to any bed, and BeddingCo’s flat sheet collection uses only the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship to bring you the best sheets you’ll ever try. Discover our flat sheets in a range of fabrics and colours, allowing you to curate your dream bed. For a closer look at the materials we offer, follow the links below.

  • Egyptian cotton sheets
  • French flax linen sheets
  • Mulberry silk sheets
  • Organic bamboo sheets
  • Organic cotton sheets
  • Organic cotton flannelette sheets
  • Merging style and comfort, these sheets are the pinnacle of timeless sophistication. Mix and match your flat sheet with other bedding components in complementary colours and materials to create a bedding look that’s entirely your own. Thoughtful design details such as double needle stitching add an extra touch of luxury. With BeddingCo, you can rest assured that your top sheets are both soft and durable, serving you well for years to come. Uncover the brilliance of superior flat sheets; buttery linen, smooth silk or crisp organic cotton—there’s something for everyone.


    What is a flat sheet?

    A flat bed sheet is a sheet that lays flat between your fitted sheet and quilt or blankets. It’s not visible when a bed is made because the corners of the flat sheet should be tucked under the mattress.

    What's the point of a flat sheet and do I need one?

    Most people use flat sheets as a barrier between skin and duvet. They’re much easier to launder than quilt covers, saving you the trouble of regular heavy washing. Flat sheets may also come in handy in the warmer months, offering the comfort of a bed covering without overheating.

    Do you need a top sheet with a duvet/quilt cover?

    For hygiene reasons, a top sheet, or flat bed sheet, is recommended for use with a duvet cover. It should protect your quilt from dead skin cells, bacteria and perspiration, keeping it fresher for longer.

    How many flat sheets should you have?

    As with most other pieces of manchester, it’s important to have at least two flat sheets. This is simply so you’ve got another sheet to use when your first sheet is in the wash.