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With incredible durability and softness, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are one of Australia’s favourite luxury bedroom accessories. Made from premium Egyptian cotton—known for being naturally hypoallergenic, strong and breathable—these sheets can withstand many years of use, getting more comfortable with every wash. Our 100% Egyptian cotton flat, fitted or complete sheet sets are expertly crafted and feature an impressive 1200 thread count with double-needle stitching and a five-year warranty. Enjoy free shipping and luxuriate in the highest quality Egyptian cotton sheets online in Australia at BeddingCo.


What are Egyptian cotton sheets?

Our Egyptian cotton sheet sets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton that isn’t blended with any other fibres. Certified by The Cotton Egypt Association, this fibre is the highest standard for cotton; handpicked long threads create fine yarns woven together to create a strong and luxuriously soft end product.

Why choose an Egyptian cotton sheet set?

Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases for good reason. It’s known as the finest cotton in the world, resulting in long-wearing sheets that are incredibly comfortable, luxurious and soft to the touch. Egyptian cotton sheets are naturally breathable, helping to regulate your sleep temperature year-round. They’re also hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant by nature, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

What is a good thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets?

While thread count is certainly one indicator of quality sheets, this number alone won’t help you pick the best Egyptian cotton sheet set. Thread count simply refers to the number of threads per 10cm². What’s just as important is the use of quality Egyptian cotton fibres with a long staple length and expert craftsmanship. Pure Egyptian cotton sheets in Australia have a fibre length of between 31.5mm and 48mm, meaning they are stronger and less prone to pilling. Our 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets have 1200 threads per 10cm² of expertly weaved Egyptian cotton certified by The Cotton Egypt Association, making them some of the highest quality sheets you’ll ever own.

How long do Egyptian cotton sheets last?

Egyptian cotton sheets can last over a decade with proper care, even with regular use. Our sheets come with a five-year warranty, so you’re covered for defects in material and workmanship within that time frame.