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Mulberry Silk Sheets

Mulberry silk sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases are the ultimate in bedding indulgence. Pure, deluxe silk is a beautiful material, offering elegance and style matched by few. This natural fibre is renowned for its quality, luxury and lustrous matte sheen. BeddingCo’s OEKO-TEX certified mulberry silk bed sheets are some of the best silk sheet sets available in Australia.


What are the benefits of mulberry silk sheets and bedding?

As the name suggests, pure mulberry silk bedding is crafted from 100% A grade mulberry silk 20 momme. Perfect for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, mulberry silk sheets are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, meaning dust mites and bacteria are unable to thrive. They’re unmistakably soft and smooth to the touch, with an inherent breathability to help you maintain the ideal sleep temperature year round. Beyond their signature look and feel, mulberry silk bed sheets are also naturally hydrating, helping you retain vital oils for healthy skin and hair. They’re anti-aging by reducing friction and creases which can lead to wrinkles.

How long do mulberry silk sheets last?

With proper care, high quality, 100% mulberry silk sheets will last for more than a decade. Silk is a naturally strong and durable fibre with continuous threads resistant to shrinking and pilling. For peace of mind, our mulberry silk sheets come with a five-year warranty against material and workmanship defects.

Are silk sheets cool and breathable?

Mulberry silk sheets are the gold standard for body temperature regulation and breathability. This fibre is incredibly moisture wicking, keeping you comfortable, cool and dry as you sleep. Rather than trapping moisture underneath your covers, opt for mulberry silk sheets in Australia—with its warm climate—that promote evaporation to cool you down.

Are silk sheet sets comfortable?

Silk sheets have an unparalleled feel—they’re soft and silky smooth, gliding effortlessly over your skin as you sleep. Our opulent A grade mulberry silk sheet sets are 20 momme, giving them enough weight to be durable while maintaining lightweight breathability and softness.

Are silk bed sheets good for your skin?

The hydrating properties of mulberry silk are perfect for sheets, helping you preserve the natural oils on your face and body. This fibre creates a crease-free sleeping surface, helping to prevent premature ageing that occurs when there is friction between the bedding and your skin.