There’s no denying the winter chill that’s in the air. So, unless you’re lucky enough to fly away to warmer climates like a migratory bird, the best way to weather the winter is to warm up your home.

Turning your bedroom into a cosy haven this winter is easy as pie – and just as comforting.

Check out these five great ways you can cosy-up your bedroom ...

Add layers to your bed

Extra blankets on top of your favourite doona will help keep you warm on those chilly nights. The different colours and textures can also make your room feel warmer. With a bit of creative flair, your bedroom can look like it belongs in a Pinterest or Instagram post.

Start off with a warm doona, like the Canadian Goose Down Quilt, and add a faux fur throw or a cable knit blanket for added texture.

Add a bed head

Cold surfaces make your room cold. Adding a padded bed head will prevent the cold air from the stark wall from settling on your head at night, plus it will provide something warm for you to lean against while you read in bed. The Velvet Lux Bed Head is the cosy addition you need.

For something extra comfy to prop yourself against, you could include a couple of comfortable down pillows, and a few scatter cushions for extra lumbar support.

Put rugs on the floor

There are few things that feel as cosy as walking on a plush carpet in winter. If you have tiled, wooden, or laminate flooring in your bedroom, you may want to consider putting a few rugs down in winter. When summer rolls around, and you need to put them away, you could use the Paddington Storage Ottoman. An ottoman is also a great place to keep your extra scatter cushions at night.

Handy Hint: apart from storing stuff in, the ottoman is great to sit on

Layer your window treatments

Warm air escapes and cold air sneaks in through the gaps between windows and doors. To help keep the warm air where you need it, install roll down blinds, like Roman blinds, under your curtains. Hanging thicker curtains in winter is also a great idea. To prevent cold draughts from creeping in under your windows and doors, use a draught stopper.

Create warm feels with light and colour

Warm lighting and colours from the warm side of the colour wheel will help your room feel warmer and more cosy. Warm lighting leans towards yellow and away from bright white. Warm colours are shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow.

Let’s wrap things up

It may be cold outside, but your bedroom can be a cosy haven if you implement these tips. You may even be tempted to stay in your room until summer time. Imagine if you had a coffee maker in your room! On second thoughts, maybe not. You do need to leave your cosy den occasionally.